Two-way radios are an efficient and quick way of communcating with others on the same frequency. They are easy to use and very handy for work environments or outdoor leisure use where a mobile phone would not be suitable. Two-way radios are still incredibly useful and they are also higly cost-effective and tend to be more reliable than mobiles in certain situations. As two-way radios are available in a variety of brands and models, we have put together some guides to help you decide which comuunication technology fit for your business needs. 

1. Range of Transmission 
  • ​One of the most important factors to conisder when deciding what 2-way radio to buy is the range you need them to cover. The biggest choice for business is whether they need a licensed or license-free system. Licensed radios offer greater power and are useful for multi-site or mobile operations such as transportations, constructions, ports and logistics, axuiliary police and many more. License-free two way radios is which radios that does not require a license - has a shorter range and easy to set up which makes them ideal for single-site business where keeping in touch is neccessary but long conversations are not - such as supermarket, departmental store, in-house security, events, restaurants, medical centres and many more appplications. 
2. Channels and Privacy Codes
  • The main issue with using handheld two-way radios is that there is often interference on certain channels, so the ability to switch between multiple channels is a neccesity. In addition to the channels, there are typically a number of privacy codes which will allow users to chat freely with minimial interefence or even without intereference from others.
3. Battery Life 
  • Portable walkie-talkies are builts for extended periods such that they are able to withstand for approximately 8-15 hours depending upon their use.  Such as security gurds have long working hours on the field for which they must have a great batteries which provide them with long-lasting backup. Longer support enables them to communicate with the team or a specific person at any time. 
4. Design and Durability 
  • You should consider environmental conditions when selecting your walkie talkie as you may need a robust and water resistant walkie-talkie for wet or tough environments such as construction site or within the agricultral industry. You might also need to consider whether or not you need a walkie-talkie that is fully waterproof, dustproof or dust resistant, if the environment is patricularly harsh. 
We provide a full range of two way-radios and systems at a resonable price to meet your respective operational needs, from sales, acessories to rental services. Choosing a new two-way radio is not a decision to take lightly. You will need to think carefully about your specific needs and choose a model which offers the right set features for you. We hope that these guides has helped give you a clear starting point on how to find a right walkie talkie for you. If you need any further advices, then our customer service team will be more than happy to assist. Get in touch via phone, email or Whatsapp chat and we can help you to make a fully informed decision.

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