Why Mobile Radios Options Continue To Excel?

Louder Speaker 
  • If you are on the move, you are expected to deal with noise levels that may make it hard to communicate - whether it's trucks around you on the highway, siren noise or general noise from your work site, you need to know you can communicate easily and hear the messages clearly. Mobile radios technology offers louder speaker to ensure thet work how you expect them to - enabling your team to get their job done. 
Better Audio
  • Digital two-way radios offer a great feature known as Intelligent Audio which automatically reduces background noise for the users, allowing the message to come through clearly and also your message relayed in return to be heard. With this feature it has reduced downtime by up to 20% in some industries - leading to more efficient and safe work environments as a result. 
Better Range
  • Mobile radios have more power and a better antenna that gives people on the move, and their users, a better range for communications. Because of the higher transmitter power and external antenna, the effective communication range is greater than that of a portable radio especially if a repeater is not use. 
  • Mobile radios are not prone to damage from knocks and drops as they are mounted in a fixed location inside a vehicle (police cruiser, fire truck, etc). Hence, mobile radios are more durable and usually hold up longer compare to portable two-way radios. 
Capacity to Integrate
  • Mobile radios can be combined into a radio communication system with other portable radios, mobile radios and base station radios -  providing seamless communication abilities across any plaforms. This ensures that an employee in a truck can quickly, and effectively connect with a user in an office or plant setting. 
Distracted Drivers
  • There is restriction on the uses of cellphone while driving and it is also dangerous for eveyone on the road. Having a mounted two way radio paired with a speaker mic enables your team members to keep in touch safetly, while adhering to the law. 
While mobile two-way radios aren't the answer to every communication need across all industries. With a number of two-way radios (base, mobile and portable) to choose from, it can be daunting task to determine what suits your needs - and that's where our team of experts comes in. We have the knowledge to help determine what option is best for you. Want to know which radio is best for you? Contact us today at +6012-212 9919 or email

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